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About Us


Laura Pierson is all about using minerals, rocks and fossils that previously were not used for fine jewelry. Our collection of
cabochons at all times is vast collection of items from around the globe. Laura is constantly searching and researching for
what is new in the lapidary arts and keeping up with what is being mined. Due to the nature of the materials it is impossible to
ever have two of a kind or mass-produce an exact piece. Thus by definition of the materials alone, each piece is one of a kind.

But one of a kind alone due to differences in the rocks alone is not enough for the discerning luxury client. In today's market
with the growth of mass production and abundace of spending, it seems that many consumers are crying out for something
custom something that is just theirs. We have seen many lines add something custom something that is just theirs. We have
seen many lines add customization touches which have kept consumers coming back. Based on current market trends and every
women's desire to not have her friend be able to go out and purchase the exact product that she has or the exact product in a
different color, our line is what we call "Sui Generis".

In law of  "Sui Generis" means one of it's own kind. Each piece is made one time only. From the process of design to the final
product nothing is used twice. We would like to think of each piece being it's own piece of art not to be replicated or repeated.
Being able to offer this level of individuality to the clients is our goal and what we hope will bring people back over and over again.


Laura Pierson is a Sui Generis (one of it's very own kind) fine jewelry line based and produced out of Dallas, Texas.


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